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Project News Polyhedr.com in March 2020


March 15, 2020, for children from 6 to 13 years old will be the fourth festival, "Mathematicum" - matematikum2020.ru. This is a family festival that helps parents understand the variety of educational services for children.

The festival will bring together more than 30 mathematical projects. Participants are waiting for more than 70 workshops, open interactive areas, and a quest for the festival.

The event's main goal is to introduce children and their parents to new directions in mathematics, unusual ways of studying it, to show children the importance of mathematics in modern life.

Venue - Russian State Children's Library. Moscow, Kaluga Square house 1. Duration from 11:00 to 17:00.


Details - matematikum2020.ru

Archimedean Polyhedra. How to make pdf template

Archimedean Polyhedra

Archimedes, a scientist from Ancient Greece, discovered thirteen types of polyhedra, now called Archimedean solids, referred to as semi-regular polyhedra.


Mathematical properties of the Platonic solids

One can specify the following mathematical characteristics in each of the five Platonic solids:

1. The radius of the sphere circumscribing the polyhedron;

2. The radius of the sphere inscribed in the polyhedron;

3. The surface area of the polyhedron;

4. The volume of the polyhedron.

Nets solids of revolution. How to make pdf template

solids of revolutionWhat happens if a flat geometric shape, such as a rectangle, begins to rotate rapidly relative to one of its sides?
We create a new geometric solid in space by rotation.

The star of hope

Bethlehem star
A star is an image of divine idea and will; due to them, our Light and Universe were created and started to exist in Space.

Polyhedra in nature

tetrahedron antimony sodium sulphate

In the natural environment, regular polyhedra can be found in the form of crystals (minerals).

The form of the tetrahedron is transmitted by antimony sodium sulfate.

Divide the icosahedron (into parts)

Divide the icosahedron
Is it possible to make up an icosahedron using more simple polyhedra?
Divide the icosahedron

Merkaba - energy polyhedron

Merkaba - energy polyhedron

According to some spiritual teachings, a polyhedron already familiar to us — a compound of two tetrahedra (stellated octahedron) — is not just a geometric form. This form is endowed with powerful energy and maybe even supernatural properties.

Escher mosaic polyhedra

Escher mosaic on dodecahedron

With the same pattern repeating on each polyhedrons face, it is possible to create an alternating combination of patterns on a three-dimensional geometric solid.


Practical use of paper models

why needs paper nets
Quite often, a question about the practical use of paper models pops up. What is the point of paper modeling?


What is a polyhedron? How to make pdf template


A polyhedron is a solid bounded by flat polygons, which are called faces.