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solid of revolution

What happens if a flat geometric shape, such as a rectangle, begins to rotate rapidly relative to one of its sides?
Only by rotation can we create a new geometric solid in space.


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There are coincidences, which we do not even suspect.

April 12 - Cosmonautics Day!


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For your convenience we have reduced the cost of delivery of the sets "Magic Sides" many times!

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At first glance it may seem that the choice of glue, the task is quite simple, especially for paper (cardboard). But, when you get feedback from both the children and their parents, whether everything has turned out to be glued together, the situation is ambiguous.
Wrong choice of glue at the first acquaintance with paper modeling, can forever repel interest in this kind of creativity.
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The Italian company BULGARI (Bulgari), founded in 1884, actively uses for advertising purposes the geometric shape of the octagon to promote the men's watch market.

And to enhance the effect of the impact on the consumer "was attracted" by Leonardo da Vinci himself.


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