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Screenshot six boxes and the golden ratio

This polyhedron model is the intersection of three parallelepipeds.
It is based on the intersection of three rectangles, where each rectangle has the proportions of the golden ratio.

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Triangular prism the main advertising agent

The key element of this project is a regular triangular prism.

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cover cross section cube

As a cover for this article, we offer a picture from a popular TV show.

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calendar Rhombic dodecahedron

The invention of the calendar is a remarkable event for humanity. The fact that a year consists of 12 months is no secret to anyone.

Since then, people have grouped 12 months into calendars in a variety of ways.

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Paper nets are a must in Mcdonalds.

Boxes for Big Mac and potatoes familiar to everyone from childhood, a glass for Coca-Cola is also...

Calendar - dodecahedron

What do you think...

Truncated great dodecahedron from metal

The monument to the “Truncated large dodecahedron” polyhedron was discovered in Obninsk (Russia)...

Semi-Regular Polyhedrons

Semi-regular polyhedra are several groups of polyhedra: 1. Archimedean solids; 2. Catalan solids;...

The icosahedron as a symbol internet browser

The new Atom Browser creators decided to choose the image of a polyhedron or an icosahedron for...

Nets solids of revolution. How to make pdf template

What happens if a flat geometric shape, such as a rectangle, begins to rotate rapidly relative to...

On Cosmonautics Day, we bring the stars closer

There are coincidences, which we do not even suspect. April 12 - Cosmonautics Day!...