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Polyhedra for the New Year's fairy tale

Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale

Make the New Year's holiday beautiful and unusual, so that the children saw in him a fairy tale, and the guests admired, you can only do it yourself. Paper polyhedrons - exactly what you need.

Their unusual shapes and geometric consistency create a New Year's design modern and unconventional. And one more plus of such decorations - you can invent and glue them with children, which means that the holiday will be truly family-friendly.

With the help of paper polyhedrons, you can create completely different outfits for New Year's beauty. For example:


Elegant style

Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale 
All polyhedrons choose the same shape and color. Hang them evenly. On such a Christmas tree, it is good to add bows, ribbons to the tone. And we observe another nuance - the Christmas tree should blend harmoniously into the interior, which means that the colors of the polyhedrons should be combined with the colors of the decor and furniture in the room. As a result, your creation will look in a European manner, restrained and neat.

To add chic to such a Christmas tree, choose paper of gold, silver, glossy, or silver for making polyhedrons. White or blue colors will create the overall impression of winter and cold, and yellow, orange, green - will bring a summer mood. Red polyhedra look contrast and make the Christmas tree majestic.

Festive style
You need to choose different shapes and colors, hang cute decorations, as you like, in any order.
When decorating such a tree, it is possible to combine acute-angled forms of polyhedrons with more rounded ones, and you can focus on only one of these forms. Then the green beauty, decorated with stars and tetrahedra, will look cosmically impregnable. And lush, rounded polygons will make the Christmas tree the pompous mistress of the celebration.
The festive style also involves a lot of multicolored tinsel and luminous garlands: the result - a nice, modern, and fun Christmas tree.

Minimalist style
At such a tree, at least decorations. Depending on the length and pomp of the New Year tree, choose the size of future polyhedra. For an average Christmas tree with a height of 1.5–2 meters, 10–12 paper decorations will suffice. Add some artificial snow to the branches - and the Christmas tree is ready! The decorations do not look scant and lonely, make polyhedra multicolored, with faces of different shapes - this compensates for their small number and creates a feeling of celebration even with such an ascetic approach to the design of a holiday tree.

Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale
Style "massami"
These Christmas trees look very original: decorations are hung in spots or stripes of the same color or type. For example, we will make a patriotic Christmas tree. Visually divide it in height into three parts. From the top of the head, the top one is filled with white cubes of different sizes, the middle band with blue tetrahedra, and the bottom one with red stars. Stripes on the tree in the "masses" style can go vertically from the top down and shape cones. They can twist the Christmas tree in a spiral. Polyhedra for festive New Year's design. Polyhedra for festive New Year's design
With the help of polyhedra, you can very customize the room itself.
Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale

Multicolored and made in different forms, they look very nice hanging from top to bottom. For example, gently hang them to the ceiling lamp or on the edge of the lampshade floor lamp.
Excellent decor for curtains - polyhedrons hanging at different levels. Unleash the imagination: you can arrange paper decorations in a wave, you can even align one line, choose any color.
Framing the door with paper polyhedrons is also a good solution for creating a holiday in the house. And if this door leads into a particular family member's room, then on the edges of the paper decorations, write the room owner's name or wishes for his new year.
Garlands of paper polyhedrons are made easy and simple. Put a thread in each toy in advance, for which each polyhedron must then be tied to one common thread. If you use a ribbon instead of a thread, then the garland will look even more festive.

Surprise from geometry
Amazing polyhedra are suitable for registration of the New Year's message or surprise.
You can write wishes on them: colored pencils, fun, with drawings. Such funny figures and interior will decorate, and emotions will add to the holiday. The most important thing is that you should write your wishes while the polyhedron has not yet begun to glue.
On the same principle, write predictions for the New Year on the multicolored paper polyhedra, fold them in a bag and invite all guests to know their fate.
A polyhedron can also become a package for a small gift. When you have one side left unglued, place your gift inside the paper form and the edge of the ribbon, for which you will hold the present at the time of the presentation. And surprise relatives with an original gift!

Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale
A few more tips on decorating with paper polyhedrons. Congratulations on the upcoming holiday and wishes of happiness, love, happiness in the New Year. Such toys will look great and attract attention.
Polyhedra write a prediction for the new year. And they enjoyed reading them.
Choose any home decoration options with paper polyhedrons' help and give your family a pleasant impression of New Year's Eve!
Polyhedra for the New Year fairy tale


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