Octagonal clock Leonardo da Vinci

Octagonal clock Leonardo da Vinci
The Italian company BULGARI, founded in 1884, actively uses the geometric shape of the octagon to market its men's watches.

To enhance the effect of the impact on the consumer, they also added a Leonardo da Vinci design.


 Advertisement reads:

"The octagon is a symbol of geometric perfection.
Italy - the birthplace of the great master Leonardo da Vinci, left behind a lot of masterpieces and inventions. In the Octo designer watches, the bold conjugation of a circle with a square creates an octagonal shape that includes time in the complex geometry of the perfect lines. Octo watches convey the essence of the Bulgari man. "

Watch the commercial

In advertising, illustrations of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), created for the book De divina proportione ("On Divine Proportions"), dedicated to polyhedra, are used.
The word octo is of Greek for the number eight. The dial of the BULGARI watch is in the shape of regular octagon, but in the book we are talking about three-dimensional geometric solids, specifically a truncated octahedron. Of course, no one will say in a one minute clip that the truncated octahedron is a polyhedron with 14 faces and is obtained by converting an octahedron. In the case the world "OCTO" in the advertisement refers to an octahedron, because it has eight faces.
The only relationship between the truncated octahedron and the number 8 is that looking at the polyhedron from above we will see the silhouette in the form of a regular octagon.

projection of eight faces

The part of the video, that shows a truncated octahedron, exactly corresponds to this image. truncated octahedron Leonardo da Vinci

truncated octahedron Leonardo da Vinci

But as for the clock, it's just the fantasy of the people who created the advertisement. clock truncated octahedron

clock truncated octahedron

Nevertheless, I want to say thank you to the authors for the beautiful advertising!

And of course I would like to hope that the great Leonardo da Vinci somehow had a hand in making these watches ....

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