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Regular pyramids

Regular pyramids

A pyramid is a polyhedron, one of whose faces is a base. The other faces are triangles having a common vertex.
The regular pyramid is a pyramid that has a regular polygon at its base and the height of the pyramid passes exactly through its center at the base.
The height of the pyramid is a perpendicular section drawn through the top of the pyramid to the plane of its base.

The paper net of the pyramid is a flat geometric figure that completely repeats the surface of the solid and, when bending and gluing, allows you to recreate a geometric solid.
Depending on the number of corners of the base, the correct pyramids determine whether they are:
- triangular or trihedral pyramids;
- quadrangular or tetrahedral pyramids;



regular triangle
base is the regular triangle
quadrangular pyramid 4 1
base is the right quadrilateral (square)
pentagonal pyramid 5 1
base is the regular pentagon
hexagonal pyramid 6 1
base is the regular hexagon
heptagonal pyramid 7 1
base is the regular heptagon
octagonal pyramid 8 1
base is the regular octagon
nine cornered pyramid 9 1
base is the regular ninth-gon
decagonal pyramid 10 1
base is the regular n-gon
Regular n-gonal pyramid
Regular n-gonal pyramid

How can you make a pyramid out of paper?

To build the pyramid you will need to print a net on a regular sheet of A4 paper. Download shape net.

pentagonal pyramid f 1

1. Cut out the net of the pyramid - and bend along the marked lines.

How to make a pyramid of paper

2. The flaps show the gluing sequence.
Having pasted the first flap, we get:

How to make a pyramid of paper

3. Turn the pyramid over and glue the base at No 2.

How to make a pyramid of paper

4. Now we get the shape of a regular pyramid!

Pyramids from the set "Magic Edges"

To assemble polyhedrons, we can offer you ready-made patterns that are cut and folded.
To do this, you need to use the details of the set Magic Edges 14.
In addition, in the release itself you will find information about the structure of the polyhedrons.

red star 14 400 2
Assembling the right quadrilateral pyramid:
Rotation of the finished polyhedron assembled from these parts:
Assembling a truncated quadrangular pyramid:
Rotation of the finished polyhedron assembled from these parts:
Assembling a pyramid with a star base:
Rotation of the finished polyhedron assembled from these parts:
Assembling a bi-pyramid with a base in the form of a five-pointed star:
Rotation of the finished polyhedron assembled from these parts:


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