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A gift to a schoolboy to 9 USD

gift to 9 usd

Find a gift for the schoolboy that will be interesting, useful, and not ruin the family budget - is this possible in 2020? We tell you how to please and surprise modern demanding children?



Perfect gift formula.

Let's decide what criteria you can evaluate a gift and understand what is generally considered a good gift.
If the student's wishes are unknown, you must rely on his interests and the three main qualities of the gift:
- it brings joy;
- it benefits;
- this is something that a person is unlikely to buy for himself.

Most stationery and souvenirs that are given to schoolchildren do not fit this formula. Children already have beautiful notebooks; plastic toys can hardly be considered useful. Even colored pencils and paints are already there, and complete sets for creativity will cost significantly more.

How much should a gift for a student cost?

Suppose this is a gift up to 9 USD - the cost of a cup of coffee or several trips by public transport. You can already find something interesting, and the amount is available to the family at any income level.
Someone may object that a gift of 9 USD cannot be considered a gift at all.

gift to 9 usd 2
We remember our formula: joy, benefit, surprise.
"Magic Edges" - a gift that pleases and develops.
The kit for assembling polyhedron models already looks like a gift. The bright packaging depicts a complex three-dimensional figure both from virtual reality. “Be courageous, accurate, and attentive,” as if she were saying. “If you show these qualities, you yourself can create such a figure in volume,” the flat packaging challenges the student.
Inside the kit, a detailed assembly diagram with photos and step-by-step instructions.
Magic edges arose at the intersection of three areas: mathematics, creativity, and 3D modeling. Plunging into the model for assembly, the child simultaneously gets acquainted with each of these areas.

What is useful for "Magic Edges".

gift to 9 usd 3
Together with the polyhedron, you give the student a key to creativity, knowledge, research, and just a leisure alternative to gadgets.
It takes about an hour to assemble one model. It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You can assemble faster: it doesn’t take so much time and effort to get a ready-made polyhedron.
Perhaps the construction of a figure will be the first step in the life of a future spaceship builder, engineer, or architect.

To whom the polyhedron is suitable as a gift.

The Magic Edges kit is suitable for gifts for boys and girls. If you still do not know if your student likes such leisure time - 9 USD is not a big loss. The worst thing that can happen is that the gift will not be to your taste.
And if you like it, you can easily please him with gifts for 9 USD and more. The polyhedra will be enough for many holidays ahead. Polyhedrons do not require additional costs. For assembly, you need only glue. As a rule, schoolchildren already have it. Therefore, creativity can begin immediately.

Where to buy a gift for a schoolboy for 9 USD.

Polyhedra are a subject of the mathematical world and are sold only in specialized mathematical stores.


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