Practical use of paper models

why needs paper nets

Quite often a question about a practical use of paper models pops up.  What is the point of paper modeling?

And really, why? We live in the age of modern technologies when we have everything on the screens and it is enough just to touch one in order to manage sophisticated technology. However, it has been impossible to eliminate “paper technology” so far. On the contrary, it has become really important in the modern world. Packaging materials is one of the spheres dominated by paper. We see paper models so often that just stopped noticing them.

In this article we will examine what a package of a regular light bulb looks like.  So, we bought two bulbs made by different manufacturers in a regular store.


net for light bulb packaging
net for light bulb packaging

Disassemble the first packing box: for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging

Next, we gently separate the glued part. for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging

So we see a model of the package as a whole sheet of paper.

The same steps we do with another package. for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging
4.13 net for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging for light bulb packaging

The result is the same. The second paper model is a little bit different from the first one as it contains two extra details used to fix a bulb inside.

Thus, we can see that both manufactures made a model from a whole sheet of cardboard to produce a package. This is just one example how a folded cardboard sheet is used in everyday life.

Paper models are a powerful tool both for modeling and for modern industry.


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