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About our project


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions.

What is your project for?

We help people discover new and interesting information about polyhedra. We offer polyhedra models of colored cardboard.


Who is this project for?

Magic Edges rounds
"Magic Edges" combine three areas:
- mathematics;
- creation;
- 3D modeling.
You can visually imagine this union at three RGB circles (Red, Green, Blue).
Intersecting each other, rays of different colors synthesize new colors.
Exactly so, at the intersection of three different spheres appeared "Magic Edges".

What is the Magic Edges Periodical?

Magic Edges are kits for assembling polyhedron models.
One issue contains a complete set of parts for assembling a single polyhedron.
- make learning the subject of mathematics truly fun;
- create your own collection of models of mathematical polyhedra;
- in each issue, a new unique polyhedron;
- inside the set, a detailed assembly diagram with photos with step-by-step instructions;
- in one evening, you can assemble the whole polyhedron figure;
- for work, only glue is required;
- This fascinating and affordable hobby develops spatial imagination and enables creativity;
- it will be interesting for both children and adults
- Paper bonding has been and remains a prevalent form of creativity.

How do polyhedrons study in school?

- How can a teacher demonstrate a three-dimensional geometric figure?
- How to show the beauty of mathematics?
- How to make a math lesson interesting?

A quote from one mom at a school exhibition:
He does not want to learn, but somehow he needs to be carried away ..."

The most complicated world of mathematics, from our point of view, has wonderful outlines. We tried to capture them in geometric solids - polyhedra.

magic edges

In the school course of mathematics, the section on polyhedra is one of the most unusual. To make mastering the subject understandable and simple can only be done using objects or visual aids that can be seen and seen from all sides. In manufacturing polyhedron models and theoretical knowledge and skills, students consolidate the formed new concepts with the help of a sweep and the actual solution of construction problems. With the independent manufacture of models, an image is created in parts, and therefore, various manipulations can be performed with them. At the same time, all properties are easily recognized and firmly fixed in memory. Each issue contains a unique kit for the complete assembly of one model of a polyhedron of size (20 x 20 x 20 cm), depicted on the cover.
The set of high-quality colored cardboard. The entire creative process excludes the use of scissors. The details of the polyhedra are already cut and bent. Working with paper is much more environmentally friendly than using plastic models. A detailed assembly diagram illustrated with color photographs is attached and a story about this polyhedron model, and a short essay from the history of the discovery of polyhedrons.

magic edges

You get:

- a collection of polyhedrons created by own hands;

- knowledge from the history of mathematical discoveries and acquaintance with famous scientists;

- development of hand motility and vivid emotions from the result;

- the most accessible platform for the introduction of 3D-technologies in education.

Unlike fragile models created on a 3D printer, our models are resistant to falling!

A series of kits for constructing polyhedra “Magic Edges” is already available for you and your students.

The best works will decorate the math classroom at your school.

How can I buy things from your store?

You can make an order and pay for your purchase using any payment method by clicking to make an order. 

Why should I pay 8.99 USD for an issue if I can print it out myself?

You pay for the colored cardboard of high quality, neatly pre-cut and folded details of a polyhedron, which give a unique look and beauty to a finished polyhedron.

Why is the magazine called "Magic Edges"?

As if by magic, the paper and cardboard in your hands turn into surprisingly beautiful geometric shapes.

How can you lower the price of the delivery?

We can provide discounts if you order more than 2 issues.

What is a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a complex figure (solid) composed of many faces.

For more, see here.