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Building polyhedra


F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I able to do make them?

Many people ask this question as soon as they see a finished model of a polyhedron. You will be surprised, but it is really easy to glue the paper parts together. The secret is the sequence in which parts are glued together.

We provide you with a detailed description and step-by-step instructions with colorful pictures.

Why do I need to use a ball pen to mark fold lines?


A regular ball pen has a small metal ball at its point, which rolls on the papers surface and dispenses ink over the ballpoint. ballpenA tiny gap between the ball and sides enables the ball to roll and leave a trace of ink on the paper. (Source: Wikipedia)
This function is very important for us because pressing harder on the pen makes imprints, or small “grooves,” which gently fold the cardboard.
Other things like toothpicks or pencils, may leave scratches or destroy the paper.

What is the purpose of arrows showing the “direction of the fold”?

“It would seem that if we have a fold line, then it is possible to fold the part, and the direction does not really matter. This is paper, and we can fold it in the opposite direction if needed”.

In fact, it is not that easy. If it were a regular paper (for instance, paper from notebooks or white office paper A4), then it would have been easy to fold parts of polyhedron in any direction without any visible damages.
However, if it is a thick, glossy paper or cardboard, any fold creates damage to the surface. If you fold the paper a couple of times, you will see the damage with the naked eye.
To avoid that problem, we point out the fold's direction and recommend to fold paper only once.

What kind of glue should I use?

We prefer to use Super PVA produced by Henkel.

glue for magic edges

Read more about choosing glue for assembling polyhedrons here.

How can you lower the price of the delivery?

We can provide discounts if you order more than 2 issues.

What is the proper way to glue parts together?

You should apply glue to both parts. You are sticking together to make the connection strong and durable.

What should I use to apply glue?

Some say that a brush should apply glue. We think that it is a misconception. It is hard to do that even if the glue is liquid. Also, the glue of good quality is usually thick and sticky, and after some minutes of work, it destroys the brush and the last one loses all its advantages.
One should apply glue to the surface straight from the tube. To make a thin and even layer of glue, use a toothpick or a match.

How much time do I need to build one polyhedron?

It is very individual. If you do it for the first time, it can take more time than you expected.
On average, one needs about 3 hours per model.