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Issue #006 Fourteenth stellation of icosahedron

Kit to assemble "Fourteenth stellation of icosahedron"

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❶ Kit to assemble polyhedron "Fourteenth stellation of icosahedron".

The geometric dimensions of the assembled polyhedron are 160x170x140 mm.

Difficulty level: Hard. It is recommended that you assemble models with lower difficulty level first to obtain some experience and additional skills.

This is the most difficult polyhedron in the "Magic edges" series.


In this kit:

✦ Polyhedron details;

✦ Assembly instructions with color pictures;

✦ Description of the polyhedron;

✦ Article - about the discovery of polyhedra by Donald Coxeter.


❸ The details are made of colored cardboard with a lacquer coating that has already been precut and bent.

The kit is packed in heavy-duty polypropylene envelopes, A4 format (210x297 mm).

▶▶ Video: https://youtu.be/11ITN-KOpBM

▶▶ Rotation video preview: https://youtu.be/tur7Ezp63FE

▶▶ Assembly video preview:https://youtu.be/iWTdu_ZJEJY


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