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Issue #012 Regular polyhedra

Kit to assemble Regular polyhedra

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❶ Kit to assemble five regular polyhedra - Platonic solids:


✯ Octahedron;

✯ Hexahedron (cube);

✯ Dodecahedron;

✯ Icosahedron.

All polyhedra have comparable sizes. Every polyhedron can be inscribed in a sphere with a diameter = 110 mm.

Difficulty level: Easy. Does not require experience and additional skills.


In this kit:

✦ Polyhedrons details;

✦ Assembly instructions with color pictures;

✦ Description of polyhedrons;

✦ Article - about the discovery of polyhedra by Plato. Plato philosophy elements


❸ The details are made of colored cardboard with a lacquer coating that has already been precut and bent.

The kit is packed in a heavy-duty polypropylene envelope, A4 format (210x297 mm).

▶▶ Rotation video preview: https://youtu.be/mXtYpXYCFX4

▶▶ Rotation video preview: https://youtu.be/rN2UYmq-pwM

▶▶ Assembly video preview: https://youtu.be/0gHw3PdbdLU

▶▶ Video: https://youtu.be/wsv2X2OsRZg


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