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YouTube channel MnogogrannikiRu

YouTube channel Polyhedr_com is a public educational channel. Our goal is to demonstrate that mathematics is not only formulas and theorems. Look at the beauty and harmony of complex mathematical solids - polyhedra. If you are interested, you will be able to collect the models of polyhedra from our collections - "Magic edges". Bright and colorful models will be the decoration of your home.


Video instructions on how to make polyhedrons from the "Magic edges" sets can be seen here!

How to make an icosahedron

How to make a tetrahedron

How to make a cube

How to make a octahedron

How to make a dodecahedron

How to make Archimedean solid - cuboctahedron

How to make Archimedean solid - truncated octahedron

How to make Archimedean solid - truncated cube

How to make Archimedean solid - icosidodecahedron

How to make a polyhedron - a soccer ball or Archimedean body - a truncated icosahedron

How to make the regular triangular prism

How to make an oblique quadrangular prism

How to make a pentagonal antiprism prism

How to make hexagonal twisted prism

How to make a heptagonal star prism

How to make a five-pointed star

How to make a star pyramid

How to make the regular pyramid

How to make the 6th stellated icosahedron

How to make the 13th stellation of icosidodecahedron

How to make The final stellation of icosahedron


Polyhedra in nature

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Platonic solids. Platonic polyhedra.

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The icosahedron as a symbol

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Flexible polyhedra

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Challenging task about a polyhedron

(challenging task called “the star”) It consists of 6 symmetrical small bars of complex shapes...

Which glue to choose?

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