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Set #9. The newest issues Magic Edges

Four kits "Magic edges". The newest issues "Magic edges"

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In this set, we have polyhedrons from the four newest issues of "Magic edges".

The set consists of 4 kits:

▶ 29: Archimedean solids. Part 5: Snub cube; Snub dodecahedron;

▶ 30: Compound of Four tetrahedra;

▶ 31: Truncated icosidodecahedron toroid;

▶ 32: Cross-sections of the pyramids.


Every kit includes:

◆ Polyhedron details;

◆ Historical background;

◆ Description of the polyhedron;

◆ Assembly instructions with color pictures.

The details are made of colored cardboard with a lacquer coating that has already been precut and bent.

Every kit is packed in heavy-duty polypropylene envelopes, A4 format (210x297 mm).

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