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Plastic box for model

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Sizes of plastic boxes Length = 160 mm
Width = 160 mm
Height = 200 mm

Polymer films PET and PVC, as well as polypropylene are used for production.
The thickness of the plastic is 0.35 mm, which makes it very durable. (For comparison, the thickness of the walls of the boxes for packing cakes is usually not more than 0.29 mm).
Plastic packaging has a number of advantages. Containers made of this material with little storage and transportation are subject to little wear.
Very useful is such a feature as transparency. Transparent plastic box allows you to view the polyhedron without violating the integrity of the box. In addition, inside the package it is protected from external influences.

The transfer of boxes is carried out in a folded form, which allows you to make your delivery costs minimal.

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