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Anna Kozyreva

Today I received the order - thank you very much!

I will follow the arrival of new releases and continue to collect your collection with pleasure!

04/07/2019, Kaliningrad (Russia)


Hello! I really like your issues. I wanted to have more of them) You are great, but there are some differences. I have three questions:

1.You draw on the back of each number 1 the previous number and the following 3. Why do you sometimes draw one, and the number is different (different design)? Can I get kits with the original design?

2. For some polyhedrons, you make ribs. What are they for? This is inconvenient! For example, in the combination of three cubes, this interferes with the assembly, and in Archimedean bodies number 1, it makes it difficult to understand the beauty of polyhedra.

3. In number 2, you talked about Archimedes bodies and named one of them a truncated icosidodecahedron, but in number 21, you called it a rhombi-truncated cuboctahedron. Why? If it has two names, why did you not write the second in parentheses? In general, you are great fellows. I wish you further prosperity.

Egor, hello!

Thank you very much for your interest in our products. And a special thank you for the feedback.

As for the questions:

1. Yes, you are right; sometimes, we adjust the planned polyhedra color scheme. The fact is that at the time of publication, we have a plan for what we will do soon. And when the issue is being prepared for printing, additional specialists are connected, for example, a designer in color. Accordingly, we try to choose the most interesting color solution for this geometric shape. As a result, there are deviations in color from what was intended. Unfortunately, it is not possible to acquire the planned samples.

2. Edge models are necessary for the vast majority of people. This is due to the simplification of the bonding process. Many people need to hold the petals for bonding from the inside. So it is easier for them. This is especially necessary for children. We tested this by conducting numerous workshops and watching how children work and what can be improved. As for the distortion of the beauty of geometric bodies that have solid faces, you are right. But you have to sacrifice beauty. In the future, we may release the individual Platonic and Archimedean bodies in “classical form” while this question remains open.

3. In number 2, there was a mistake. You are right. Sorry.

Thank you for your wishes. We will keep working.

Sincerely, Dmitry Chinyukin

Timerbaeva Marina Sergeyevna

Hello! The package received, the child is happy and says that you are great fellows. I'll be sure to order more. 10/26/2018

Natasha Sokolova


I am very glad that I found what I was looking for.

I work as a mathematics teacher in a Moscow school, number 2005. Before the New Year, we always do things with children, something beautiful and related to mathematics. Last year, the real six-pointed snowflakes were cut out. I ordered magazines for three classes.

Kapalkina Julia

Hello, it's so nice that you read and respond to reviews. It's great! Thanks. Special thanks for the expected release on cube sections! There are very useful in working with children.
I am a regular customer, and at all the methodical "gatherings" of mathematics teachers, I advertise you to my colleagues. I sincerely want to wish you creative success and prosperity; we will wait for your new releases and not forget the big box.



Thanks. Very interesting.

With their children, though not immediately, I've already collected 5 models.