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Timerbaeva Marina Sergeyevna

Hello! The package received, the child is happy and says that you are great fellows. Be sure to order more. 10/26/2018

Natasha Sokolova


I am very glad that I found what I was looking for.

I work as a mathematics teacher in a Moscow school number 2005. Before the New Year, we always do things with children, something beautiful and related to mathematics. Last year, the real six-pointed snowflakes were cut out. I ordered magazines for three classes.

Kapalkina Julia

Hello, it's so nice that you read and respond to reviews, it's great! Thank. Special thanks for the expected release on cube sections! Very useful in working with children.
I am your regular customer, and on all the methodical "gatherings" of mathematics teachers I advertise you to my colleagues. I sincerely want to wish you creative success and prosperity, we will wait for your new releases, well, and do not forget the big box)


Thank. Very interesting.

With their children, though not immediately, but already collected 5 models.