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Pyramids cross-sections. How to make pdf template

Pyramids cross-sections

Issue 32 "Magic edges"

In this issue, parts for assembling 3 pyramids with 7 sections deposited on them. Since the tetrahedron was chosen as the pyramid's shape, all the presented sections can be considered sections of the tetrahedron.

We suggest that you collect three pyramids with the cross-sections in the form of polygons plotted on them: triangle, square, rectangle, quadrangle, trapezoid.

magic edges 32

Each of the 3 pyramids can be useful to you as a visual aid for solving mathematical problems.

green pyr 1

The green pyramid has two cross-sections - in the shape of a rectangle and a square.


white pyr 1

The white pyramid has two cross-sections - in the form of an isosceles triangle and a trapezoid.


red pyr 1

The red pyramid has three cross-sections - in a quadrangle, an isosceles triangle, and an equilateral triangle.



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