Paraboloid net

How can you make a paraboloid of paper?
We suggest you build a model of a paraboloid, with the following characteristics: height 130 mm, base diameter 85 mm. Download a paraboloid net.
net paraboloid
Paraboloid assembly scheme:
1. Glue the upper part of the scan.
2. We connect together the formed domed part.
3. To avoid difficulties and shifts when gluing the base,
we recommend that you first glue the auxiliary elements.
This will allow you to hold them smoothly when gluing and
will create the correct shape of the geometric design.
4. Glue the base.
An example from architecture.
building paraboloid
We couldn’t find the buildings that exactly repeated the parabola formula. But, nevertheless, in London (United Kingdom) there is a skyscraper with a very unusual shape.
The Mary Eks skyscraper, referred to by locals as “cucumber” (eng. The Gherkin), has no corners, which prevents the wind flow from flowing down and provides natural ventilation. The height of the 41 storied building is 180 meters. The diameter of the building at the base is 49 meters, then the building expands smoothly, reaching a maximum diameter of 57 meters at the level of the 17th floor. Further, the design narrows, reaching a minimum diameter of 25 meters.