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New issues of Magic edges

Coming soon issue #31 of "Magic edges"
Archimedean solids. Part 6.
Archimedean solids Part 6

New issue will contain the details of the polyhedron -

Rhombo-truncated icosa-dodecahedron in the shape of a toroid



Coming soon issue #32 of "Magic edges"
Cross-section of the pyramids
Cross-section of the pyramids

 New issue will contain parts for the assembly three triangular pyramids with different cross-sections.

Only 7 cross-sections - regular and irregular polygons.

As a triangular pyramid, a special case is chosen - a triangular pyramid in which all sides are equal, i.e. tetrahedron.

To understand the size of the pyramids in this issue, we took a general photo with cubes from the 25th issue.

Cross sections pyramids and cross sections cube:

Cross sections pyramids and cross sections cube


If you have any suggestions on what to release first of all, or which polyhedron you think would be interesting to do, send comments to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a note in the subject line of the letter - "wishes".

We will definitely take into account constructive suggestions and, if possible, make changes to the publishing plan.

The most active participants will receive new editions of the "Magic Edges" as a gift!