Cylinder net

How can you make a cylinder of paper?

You can build a cylinder model with the following characteristics: height 150 mm, base diameter 65 mm.
Download cylinder net
net cylinder
Truncated cylinder, a geometric body, cut off from the cylinder by a plane that is not parallel to the base.
truncated cylinder
We offer you to build a model of a truncated cylinder, with the following characteristics: height 165 mm, base diameter 65 mm, the angle of inclination of the section plane 45 °.
Download net of a truncated cylinder
truncated cylinder net
Assembly scheme of a truncated cylinder:
truncated cylinder
1. Connect the net, so that you get a tube.
truncated cylinder
2. To avoid difficulties and shifts when gluing the bases, we recommend that you first glue the auxiliary elements. This will allow you to hold them smoothly when gluing and will create the correct shape of the geometric structure.
truncated cylinder
3. We perform a similar procedure for the lower base.
truncated cylinder
4. Glue the base.
An example of a truncated cylinder from architecture:
In 1989, the planetarium in the shape of a truncated cylinder was built in Copenhagen (Denmark).
truncated cylinder building