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     1      Set 1. All issues.

From the 1-st to the 30-th

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2 Set 4. The simplest polyhedra ye ye ye
3 Set 5. The Most Difficult polyhedra ye ye ye
4 Set 6. The Kepler–Poinsot polyhedra ye ye ye
5 Issue No. 012 Platonic solids ye ye ye



Studio Artemy Lebedev (makes the design for the leading search engine Yandex) was proposed form of a...

Practical apply

When we demonstrate polyhedra assembled from the Magic Edges set, people often ask the same...

Origami vs "Magic Edges" sets

In this article we will try to tell whether the of “Magic Edges” can be attributed to a variety of origami....

Flexible polyhedra

Can a polyhedron be curved? Perhaps this is some kind of mistake? Or maybe this is not a...

Polyhedra in architecture. Part 2

The “business card” of the Republic of Belarus is a new building of the National Library in Minsk....

Dudeny dissection

Is it possible to cut a triangle into such a number of parts so that one can put a square together?

Challenging task about a polyhedron

(challenging task called “the star”) It consists of 6 symmetrical small bars of complex shapes...