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Why paper?

How to make paper harder?
Why paper?
Sometimes you hear the question: “Why did you choose such material as paper (or more precisely, design cardboard) to assemble polyhedrons? This is not the most durable material. "
So. Why paper? Or how to make paper harder?

We will conduct an experiment!
We will need:
- three identical glasses;
- A sheet of ordinary office paper, such as A4 format and a density of 80 g / m2.
The course of the experiment:
1. Place two glasses at a distance equal to their diameter and place a sheet of paper on them.
2. Place the third glass in the middle of the paper. Naturally, the paper will sag and the glass will fall through.
3. Now repeat the experiment, but first fold the sheet of the accordion. We bent the sheet in half three times and got a harmonica of seven links.

how to make paper harder
how to make paper harder
how to make paper harder

how to make paper harder

What happened? The paper withstood the weight of the glass!
What for? The sheet of paper itself is easily bent. And when you fold the harmonica, there are ribs that are very difficult to bend.

how to make paper harder

How much does a paper page weigh? 5 grams!

how to make paper harder

How much does a glass weigh? 186 grams!


And a little romance!

Those who watched the film "War of the Worlds Z", certainly remembered the image of the main character, whose role is played by Brad Pete. And, perhaps, you remember the moment, as the main character was protected from zombies.

how to make paper harder 
By making use of improvised means - magazines and scotch tape, the hero manages to create armor capable of protecting against a bite.

how to make paper harder
how to make paper harder
  The magazine is wrapped around the arm and secured with adhesive tape. As a result, many sheets of plain paper glossy store after twisting become extremely hard and save the hero at the right time.

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