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Hyperboloid net

How can you make a paper hyperboloid?
We suggest you build a hyperboloid model with the following characteristics: height 110 mm, base diameter 70 mm.
Download the hyperboloid net.
net hiperboloid
Hyperboloid assembly scheme:
1. Connect the two "smallest" strips through the center.
2. It should turn out as shown in the figure.
3. Glue two more strips that are medium in size.
5. Glue the largest strips.


7. Connect the scan together.
8. To avoid difficulties and shifts.
when gluing the bases,
9. Glue the base.
An example of a hyperboloid from architecture.
There are a lot of buildings with a hyperboloid:
The very first constructions were created under the guidance of the Russian engineer Shukhov V.G. - the famous Shukhov Tower in Moscow, year of construction 1922.
tower hyperboloid
Of the modern buildings, we note the tower in Guangzhou (China), an altitude of 600 meters, year of construction, 2010.
In addition, we found a very beautiful Tornado Tower in Doha (Qatar). The 195-meter construction, erected in 2008, has its own indescribable style.
building hyperboloids


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