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Children's playground

Summer is the time that you want to spend outdoors. Children will sit at the desk in September, and now - all on the playground!

An unusual playground in the form of a polyhedron was found by us near the shopping center "Perseus" (metro Semenovskaya, Moscow).

The site itself is clearly dedicated to the space theme - there is a space slide and a rocket.
The children's house is made in the form of a rhombo-cube-octahedron and resembles a spaceship.
That's one of the bodies of Archimedes - can turn into a children's attraction.
We have a rest with children and we tell about mathematics!


Dual pairs of polyhedra

What does the dodecahedron and icosahedron have in common?


The article in “Science and Life” (1989, №6, Cherenkov A. Khramov V.) tells about an interesting...

Polyhedron. What is it?

A polyhedron is a solid bounded by flat polygons, which are called faces. Sides of the faces are...

Challenging task about a polyhedron

(challenging task called “a star”)

On Cosmonautics Day, let's make the stars closer

  There are coincidences, which we do not even suspect. April 12 - Cosmonautics Day!...

Nets solids of revolution

What happens if a flat geometric shape, such as a rectangle, begins to rotate rapidly relative to...

Magic sides in points of shipment at own expense

For your convenience we have reduced the cost of delivery of the sets "Magic Sides" many times!