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Magic sides in points of shipment at own expense

For your convenience we have reduced the cost of delivery of the sets "Magic Sides" many times!

Thanks to cooperation with service of express delivery Grastin, now we have an opportunity to cut down expenses on delivery to 99 rub (without restrictions).
Delivery of "Magic sides" and shipment at own expense became much simpler!

Having made the order, you can independently take away it in one of points of shipment at own expense:
- Moscow (26 points of shipment at own expense);
- Moscow region (4 points of shipment at own expense);
- St. Petersburg (14 points of shipment at own expense);
- Eagle (1 point of shipment at own expense);
- Nizhny Novgorod (1 point of shipment at own expense).
For other cities of Russia we suggest to use points of shipment at own expense of courier service Boxberry.
The cost of delivery will be from 199 rub.
If you order a complete set from 22 numbers, then delivery will make 249 rub.


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