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The star of hope

Вифлеемская звезда 

A star is an image of divine idea and will, due to them our Light and Universe were created and started to exist in Space.  

The star is usually depicted with 5 or 8 beams; however, it is possible to find a star with 6, 7 or 9 beams as well.

The eight-pointed star is the most vivid representation of the Star-symbol, which beauty and symmetry impress everyone.

In Babylon, the eight-pointed star – the embodied light - contained solar circle, the cross of solstices, equinox and the four cardinal directions.

In Christianity the Star of Bethlehem is represented in the form of eight-pointed star, which let the Magi know about the birth of Jesus.

Восьмиконечная звезда

Eight-pointed star can be also found on maps. It is compass which shows the orientation of four cardinal and four ordinal directions and called as “windrose” or “compass rose”. 

Восьмиконечная звезда на розе ветров

Have you paid attention to the symbol depicted on the emblem of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations? The main symbol is the white star of hope and salvation, which is represented by a vertically elongated octagon. In its center a distinctive sign of civil defense can be seen which is shown in the form of a blue triangle in the orange circle.

восьмиконечная звезда МЧС России

восьмиконечная звезда МЧС России

Развертка восьмиконечной звездыModel   

Further in this article we suggest you to make a three-dimensional model of an eight-pointed star.

Детали восьмиконечной звезды

Детали восьмиконечной звезды

Cut out the separate parts and fold them according to the marked lines. Glue them together. 

Детали восьмиконечной звезды

 As a result you should get 8 parts; each of them will be a single beam.

Then step by step glue all the parts together.

1.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

2.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

3.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

p>4.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

5.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

6.Сборка восьмиконечной звезды

Модель восьмиконечной звезды

Geometrical dimensions of the finished model is 230 x 80 x 270 mm
The model presented in this article is not a polyhedron from a mathematical point of view, but it has a very beautiful star-shape!


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