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Stellated octahedron - a challenging task

головоломка звёздчатый октаэдр

A new and unusual way of making a model of Stellated polyhedron was discovered by a German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1619. 


деталь головоломки вид №1

In one of our previous articles we told you about a challenging task to make a polyhedron having just six identical figures. In November, 1984, there was published an article in the magazine called "Quantum” which described how to make a stellate octahedron with the similar principles.

деталь головоломки вид №2
деталь головоломки вид №3

The author of the article, Igor Glushkov (from Obninsk, Russia) offers the following idea. The stellated octahedron (the other name: Kepler’s “stella octangula”) can be cut into 4 equal parts and get a challenging task out of it. The main aim is to assemble these parts to get a polyhedron. Each of the part can be made of a cardboard. To assemble a polyhedron you will need 4 printed sheets of that model.

деталь головоломки вид №4
развертка детали головоломки

The fold lines are indicated by a dotted line.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Print  4 sheets
  2. Cut out every item
  3. Glue every detail
  4. Assemble the polyhedron.

Pay. attention that red painted area should be inside the polyhedron, while the blue one is the outside

все детали головоломки
Звёздчатый октаэдр
Assembled model of the polyhedron - Stellated octahedron.

Geometric dimensions* = 190 x 170 x 170 mm

* - when using a model presented at www.polyhedr.com


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