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Polyhedra in architecture. Part 1

Architectural masterpieces located in different parts of the world reflect the human soul. Secret human desires are embodied into the extraordinary structures. In this article we will make a small trip to Turkmenistan. This country is full of magnificent and unique architectural masterpieces of the past. But not only the past…

 In 2011 a new Wedding Palace was opened called Bagt köşgi. 


Дворец бракосочетаний «Багт кошги»

The so-called "Palace of Happiness" has an unusual architectural facade. The 11-storey building with total area of 38 thousand square meters is a three-tier structure, each side of which has the form of an eight-pointed star. Cube, located on the top of big column, forms its upper stage. There is also a ball with a diameter of 32 meters inside this Cube. It is a symbol of planet Earth with the map of Turkmenistan. Four entrances to the building symbolize the four cardinal directions. The Palace is framed by fountains, sparkling in the sun with myriads of diamond spray, and in the evening it is lit by the bright color lights.

 In the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashkhabad, there is another building which is in the Guinness World Record book; it is a new Broadcasting Center “Turkmenistan”. The primary interest is its main architectural part, a big star Oguz han, which is now the world largest star represented in architecture. It is proved by the international Certificate, which was delivered to the capital of Turkmenistan by the representative of the Guinness World Records, Amanda Moken. 

звезда Огуз хана

The huge engineering construction is located in the south of Ashkhabat, on the crest of the ridge Kopetdag that allows you to see it from almost any place in the capital, as well as from the suburbs. During the day the shining of the octagonal star comes from the sun rays absorbed by the special glass, and during the night one can see coloured backlight and illumination. The height of the broadcast center together with its powerful antenna is 211 meters. The main unit of the construction consists of 31 floors. On the 29th floor a rotating restaurant is located; it offers a vast panorama of the white marble capital of Turkmenistan and its suburbs. It is possible to admire the beauty of Ashkhabad and the Kopetdagh mountain terrain from the viewing platform in the Broadcasting Center, which is one floor above. 

звезда Огуз хана


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