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Polyhedron as an emblem of the town

Polyhedron as an emblem of the town

The founders of the town called Mirniy, situated in Russia in Arkhangelsk region, put an image of the polyhedron, “big dodecahedron”, on to the flag and emblem of their town.


космодром Плесецк

According to the heraldic symbols of the town:

- Polyhedron is a gold faceted stone which faces are made like a five-pointed star; it is a symbol in the memory of the founders of the town and the cosmodrome;
- Waving truncated pennant is a stylized image of the Northern Lights;
- A silver four-pointed star indicates the high-latitude location of the town Mirniy;
- Golden arrowhead is a stylized image of the aircraft as the primordial importance of the town is the cosmodrome.

For many years cosmodrome and the town were hidden behind the veil of secrecy. The first publication about the cosmodrome and the town appeared only in 1983.

There are only 7 small parks in the residential area of the town. There can be found a monument dedicated to one of the founders of the garrison and the town in the form of the polyhedron, “big dodecahedron”.

Большой додекаэдр - памятник

Большой додекаэдр в парке

Большой додекаэдр - стелла


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